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Who is behind Desex in the City?

Desex in the City is an initiative by Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ (CDRRNZ)

CDRRNZ is a medium sized rescue based in Auckland. We are solely volunteer based and rely completely on donations from the public. Most of the team members work full time and/or have children and families at home.

CDRRNZ's initial focus was to enrich the lives of life chained dogs by providing owners with supplies, resources, and education on being responsible dog owners.

With our reputation growing and an increasing demand for dogs needing help, CDRRNZ started to accept dogs requiring to be rehomed for various reasons and dogs from overcrowded Council Shelters. We currently have over 40 dogs in some form of foster predominately in Auckland. We also provide dog food to help struggling families feed their dog.

Like a lot of sectors in New Zealand, COVID has hit rescues hard. We are seeing more cases of neglected and abused dogs. More families needing help with food. More dogs needing to be saved and more litters of unwanted puppies being given away far too young or even worse…. Dumped.

All rescues and welfare organisations are overwhelmed in sheer numbers, requests for help and emotionally. We are the people who drive for hours to collect a dog, negotiate with an owner, rush a dog to the vet, get covered in mud and dog poo, bitten by the same flies that had just chewed on a dog's ears, the people who are relentlessly tagged in posts to ‘save a dog’.

We are the people trying to make a difference and we’re all really tired.

In a massive attempt to reduce the number of unwanted litters - and in the future the number of dogs needing help, CDRRNZ have launched ‘Desex in the City’, a national desexing campaign where dog owners can apply to have their dog desexed on us.

Yes, we will be paying to desex people’s dogs and all applications will be considered.

Want to help?

There are many ways to help us help more dogs. From donating money to donating products/services we can sell if you are a business. Head to our donation site HERE

If you want to hold a fundraiser, or be part of our team, we want to here from you! You can contact us by emailing us on

Join our growing number of companies and organisations getting behind this much needed service! You can see the great humans who have been helping us so far HERE


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